iSnowglobe, 1st iPhone/iPod touch app(s)

iSnowglobe & iSnowglobe Lite

Development of the mobile framework has proved fruitful & produced its initial offspring in the form of the studio’s first iPhone/iPod touch app: iSnowglobe distributed on the Apple AppStore.

Started in mid-March this has been an exercise worth some weight… Initially the excitement came with a lot of energy: a new challenge, a new platform. The underlying Mac OS technology is very familiar, having completed a number of projects on the desktop platform, so interpreting an existing knowledge-base & experience. It therefore required fairly little time. One key feature of Apple’s mobile OS is the excellent user interface, the AppKit collection of classes,  this was an area of the application kept simple and clean, while attempting to work well and effectively. Making-the-most of Apple’s developer UI guidelines.


One of the studio’s goals is to produce rich and diverse applications in every sense. It is hoped that eventually a number of design templates will be created to use as a project starting-point. iSnowglobe demonstrates one stream: a full-featured 3D framework with a range of classes & ‘environments’ of which to take advantage. Although Xcode ships with great project templates, they are more of a ‘blank’ canvas, very useful, but at some point one will require finer control.

This exercise should impact on the entire development process, more importantly the following areas:

  • Lower development time
  • Features & options
  • Improve reliability & stability
  • Reduce underlying budget

To begin, the submission process was a little more involving, but once overcome, like most things in life, did not carry such a loud bark. Although reading the iTunesConnect Developer Guide & being prepared is advisable…