Barclays flagship installation

Asked to build Barclays Flagship in Piccadilly Circus…

This was a fantastic project, and a challenge. It began with a brief consultation about hardware setup & recommendations, having this research time was very beneficial. A great find was the ‘Osprey 100 Capture Card’ from ViewCast, which we used to interface between: multiple serial camera’s, and a desktop PC running bespoke software.

Prototype ‘models’ were created using the Processing environment, which has proved time & time again to be a very resourceful tool. it is a real benefit being able to plug everything together, and start solving practical issues quickly. These ‘models’ were then built using more traditional tools, familiar to other developers.

The main focal installation is – ‘BeingLondon’, a 24 screen bezel-less plasma wall. Solving the flocking algorithm was the key feature for this piece, it contains the energy. It was something I enjoyed very much.  All the drawing uses Microsoft XNA 3.0, everything was written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0, and makes extensive use of xml. The application is multi-threaded, using threads for: drawing on-screen & off-screen, fetching remote data & writing local persistent data, the flocking calculations.

This was a very busy and exiting project. Solving the many challenges at times was rewarding, and the group worked very well together. A great experience.