Tommy Hilfiger, tape-cassette

An interactive in-store promotion for Tommy Hilfiger. Pre-programmed RFID tags were placed behind stickers specifically designed for instructing the purchaser to swipe the jeans against a giant fabricated tape-cassette.

Two pieces of bespoke software were created to run on a Mac-Mini built in to the cassette unit. The first piece was a utility application to log and store thousands of RFID tag id’s in a readily persistent format: xml. The second piece was a native Mac-OS audio player (multi-threaded), taking advantage of Apple’s Quicktime framework. A background thread would run a separate process waiting for an RFID signal, it would then be ordered to play an associated mp3 track whenever a tag was swiped. Both pieces of software interfaced via a USB RFID reader.

Being involved from the start of the project & helping with the early construction was a joy.